Welcome to the Jelly Book Club!

Hello and welcome! This is a site designed and created exclusively by ME, author Jo Cotterill, especially for YOU, reader, librarian, teacher, writer, random person who stumbled on this site by accident 😉

This whole site is based on my book Jelly, which is aimed at children of around 8-12. Jelly is the story of a girl called Angelica (nicknamed Jelly) who’s the loud, popular (naughty) one of the class. But like many people, she’s learned to wear a mask, to pretend to be the person people like. Underneath, she’s got lots of worries she doesn’t share with anyone.

Do you ever hide your worries? Do you try to find ways to fit in, to make people like you? Have you ever got into trouble for showing off or doing something stupid that made your friends laugh? Do you find it hard to sleep at night because your head is busy going round and round all the things that happened in the day? Do you wish you could tell someone how you really feel?

Then Jelly is for you.

On this site, you’ll find loads of stuff. There’s a whole section about the behind-the-scenes development of the book and how publishing decisions are made, along with deleted scenes. There’s an enormous collection of resources for teachers and home-ed parents who want to use Jelly as a book to study. There’s a quiz, and a section about me and how you can send me your poems or letters.

Have a browse around – and don’t forget: what’s inside you is magical and scary and beautiful and dark and bright and confusing and WOW. It’s good to share it sometimes 🙂


What people say about Jelly…

“A deeply touching story of hidden depths, the hurtfulness of careless words, love and self-acceptance.” Metro

“This is a vital, beautiful, stimulating title for older readers to which I was glued throughout reading. I could not recommend it more highly.” Bookwagon

“Read Jelly in virtually one sitting and LOVED it!” Author Caroline Lawrence

“A sensitive, important story, perfect to use when working on empathy, bullying and diversity with children.” Bev Humphrey

“A really important book for UKS2 exploring weight and body image. Highly recommended.” Ben Trevail, Headteacher

“One of the most heart-lifting and reality-facing books I have ever read.” Alyssa, aged 10