Jelly’s Song: Happy Face

In the book, Jelly writes a short poem, which Lennon offers to set to music. Jelly isn’t sure about this to start with – her poetry is such a private thing. It feels like handing over a secret to Lennon – but what he creates with her poem means more to her than any present before. Below is Jelly’s original poem from her notebook:

When I was writing this book, I knew quite early on that there would need to be a real song. Not a song that existed just on the pages, but one that could really be sung and/or played, by anyone. As a child, I learned to read and write music, so that part was not too difficult for me, but I’m not very experienced at recording it and making it sound professional! And like Jelly, I’m not too confident about my singing voice either, so it was nerve-wracking to sing it myself, but easier than trying to get someone else to sing it. I recorded it at home, using a MIDI keyboard, a music program called FL Studio, and my own PC. And a microphone and a digital interface. Don’t ask me how they all work; I’m still not quite sure! Anyway, here is the recorded version:

And here, if you want to try to play and sing the song yourself, is the sheet music for the vocal line, along with the chords:

To download the lyrics, click here.

Please note that this song is © Jo Cotterill 2018 but I freely give my permission to schools and individuals who would like to perform or record their own versions. You just need to make sure that I am credited as the composer.