What if YOU need help?

In the story, Jelly is very lucky that she has a friend like Lennon to help her find the courage to be herself. She’s doubly lucky to have Kayma and Sanvi at her side as she takes that step forward.

But what if you don’t have a Lennon or a Kayma or Sanvi? What if no one is looking out for you? What if you need help, or even just someone to talk to, but there isn’t anyone?

Childline is a nationwide support service for young people


You can email them, ring them up or use their counsellor chat option, and they will listen to ALL your worries, even the ones that are embarrassing. You can talk to them about friendship problems, family problems, moving school, health issues…all kinds.

Please don’t worry yourself sick over something. Do try to talk to someone sympathetic.

If you’re a teacher looking to book a theatre-in-education company that handles these kinds of issues, Really Big Pants has a show called WONKY, which you can find out about here. The Really Big Pants people say: “It’s on the food-growing topic but tackles PSHE, peer pressure, gender equality, and the confidence to be yourself.”


If you’re a company or organisation that works with young people on issues such as body positivity, do let me know if I can help to link to your work here. Contact electricfruit99@gmail.com