Jelly Teaching Resources

The following resources are available for free download. The worksheets and powerpoints are referred to specifically in the Chapter by Chapter resources but can be used separately too. Please see below for examples of these resources.

Chapter by Chapter Resources (pdf)

This is a full 19-page document crammed with reading comprehension questions, PSHE discussion topics, writing tasks and cross-curricular activities. To be used in tandem with the worksheets and Powerpoints, but can also be used as a ‘bank’ from which teachers can pick and choose. Some topics and tasks are more suitable for older pupils; these are marked in italics.

Download: Jelly Chapter by Chapter resources

Worksheets (pdf)

There are 11 worksheets, each clearly explained and covering topics such as poetry, analytical articles, language analysis, gender bias and character description.

Download: Worksheets





Vocabulary (pdf)

This is a list of some of the more advanced/less well-known vocabulary in Jelly. Some less advanced vocabulary that may be tricky for EAL/SEN students has been included.

Download: Vocabulary in Jelly



There are 9 powerpoint presentations linking to the Chapter by Chapter resources but they can also be used out of context in some circumstances.

PP1 Alliterative Animal Poem

PP2 Recognising Expressions

PP3 Creating a Rhyming Poem

PP4 Writing a Knock Knock Joke

PP5 Floorplans

PP6 Boys or Girls

PP7 English Idioms

PP PSHE Toys and social conditioning

PP PSHE Women’s magazines

Games (pdf)

Download: Jelly Crossword

Download: Jelly Wordsearch

For RSE lessons, you may also want to check out the video I made about periods – what they are and why we have them. It is funny, accessible and educational and suitable for children of all ages up to 12. Find it here.